What We Do

About Us


The International Milk Genomics (IMGC) mission is to provide a collaborative, interactive and pre-competitive platform for scientific community and industry to accelerate the understanding of the biological processes underlying mammalian milk genomics and facilitate the transition of that knowledge into usable commercial benefits for industry.

IMGC aspires to harness the potential within the global milk science community by guiding scientific discoveries into technological advances for industrial applications. Our scientific members are the base of our organization and are essential for scientific advancement. IMGC offers the milk science community an opportunity to build a unique cross-functional and supportive culture in which to share, learn and potentially collaborate to advance their science. Our sponsors are looking to be kept abreast of scientific advancements that will lead to commercial opportunities. IMGC offers a forum to increase their awareness of scientific advancements and identify commercial opportunities.

A Broad Spectrum of Research Fields

Our scientific membership base derives from a broad spectrum of research fields united by a shared interest in milk science and human health. Formed in 2004, the IMGC connects the global community of milk scientists working within the genomics and wider biology fields to address some of the major challenges to human health. Our interest in milk is based on its uniqueness as it is the only food that has evolved specifically to nourish mammals. Therefore, it contains a blueprint of our nutritional needs and health. Over the years, IMGC has provided a platform for this diverse community of scientists and their industry sponsors to communicate cutting-edge milk science into applied industry outcomes. In doing so, IMGC helps its sponsors identify potential commercial opportunities.