Symposium Proceedings

The annual International Milk Genomics and Human Health Symposium is one of the ways we bring new milk-science discoveries together from throughout the world. The Symposium is held every year at a different location, the symposium facilitates communication between scientists, sponsors and others to accelerate the scientific process and identify commercial opportunities. This allows us to build a community with a shared vision on milk genomics.

Note: Proceedings from the most recent symposium can only be viewed by attendees of that symposium. If you attended, please login using the information provided to you. This information can be found on the last page of the attendee booklet or by request at

Earlier symposium proceedings are available upon request.

2018 Symposium- Sacramento, California

2017 Symposium – Québec City, Canada

2016 Symposium – Davis, California, United States

2015 Symposium – Sydney, Australia

2014 Symposium – Aarhus, Denmark

2013 Symposium – Davis, California, United States

2012 Symposium – Wageningen, The Netherlands

2011 Symposium – Melbourne, Australia

2010 Symposium – Davis, California, United States