What We Do

We exist to help facilitate scientific advancement and communication!

We do this through a range of services that are designed to foster sharing and communication between academic and industrial milk communities. These services focus on accelerating the time it takes to move from discovery to translation by providing opportunities for collaboration between mutual beneficiaries.

Our services include:

1. The monthly SPLASH! newsletter. This is a public publication providing news and insights into the past, present and future of milk science.

2. Quarterly Translation Reports. These are specifically tailored reports for sponsor outlining key areas of milk science discovery.

3. The International Milk Genomics and Human Health Symposium. The symposium facilitates communication between scientists, sponsors and industries from around the world to accelerate the scientific process and identify commercial opportunities.

4. Post-Symposium Proceedings Commercial Translation Report. This is a sponsor-specific debriefing of the presentations and findings from our Annual Symposium.

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