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Last Year’s Award Winners: 2017 IMGC Symposium

Last Year's Award Winners: 2017 IMGC Symposium

The International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC) held its 14th annual conference last September in Québec City, Canada. The theme of the symposium was “Moving Forward with Translational Milk Research to Advance Health.” The conference included 34 speakers, 20 posters, and a steady stream of networking, facilitated (more like mandated) by the world-renowned milk scientist Bruce German. Throughout the course of the 2017 Symposium, founders of the IMGC made sure to reiterate their core belief that curiosity and collaboration are both critical to scientific success. All of our young awards winners have exhibited both of these attributes, along with the ability to give a great scientific presentation! On behalf of the IMGC, we congratulate our 2017 Award Winners on their scientific successes. Maybe we’ll see them again this year? Andrea Zukowski  Andrea Zukowski, a student travel award winner from the University of Ottowa, gave a talk entitled “Next Generation Sequencing of Bovine Milk-Derived Exosomal MicroRNA to Determine Transcriptome Expression for Efficient Recovery from Mastitis Infection” (Geez! Try to say that five times fast!). The aim of this project is to model the flux of miRNA profiles in milk collected from mastitis-infected cows at different time points during and after antibiotic treatments in order to determine biomarkers of effective and efficient mastitis recovery. Andrea hypothesizes that understanding inter-herd variability patterns can be taken advantage of to treat cows with sub-optimal recovery times.   Alma Ryskallyeva Alma Ryskaliyeva, from the Universite Paris-Saclay in France, won a student travel award for her presentation entitled “Alternative Splicing, a Fortuitous or Genetically Programmed Event to Expand Molecular Diversity of Milk Proteins: Camel CSN1S2, a Relevant Model to try to Provide some Response Elements.” Alma discussed the nuances and novelties of studying camel’s milk and highlighted the similarities and differences between different types of mammalian milks. Her group uses powerful proteomic […]

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