Emerging hot topics in milk science

Danielle Lemay, Genome Center and Foods for Health Institute, University of California, Davis, USA

In April 2012, the IMGC began publishing an e-newsletter, “SPLASH! milk science update,” which features four articles on emerging topics in milk science each month—that’s 48 new articles on milk science each year. By the time of the IMGC conference in 2016, we will have published over 200 articles! This talk will reveal the most exciting milk science topics of the previous 12 months. It will also include a behind-the-scenes tour of “SPLASH! milk science update,”: who are the current writers and editors, how topics are selected, and the basics of our publication cycle. The SPLASH! newsletter has helped to grow the IMGC with more than 50,000 visits to the website each year. Nearly all traffic to the IMGC website is the result of SPLASH! content.

The talk will also reveal milk science topics expected to emerge in the coming year and beyond. A vision for the future will be presented with suggestions solicited from the audience to further increase the impact of IMGC publications.

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