What we do

SPLASH!® milk science update, founded in 2012, is the bi-monthly scientific publication of the International Milk Genomics Consortium. SPLASH! translates the latest scientific discoveries in lactation, milk and dairy science from the primary literature into accessible articles for a broader audience. Our audience includes academic scientists, industry scientists, and interested people around the world. Readers are apprised of scientific innovation and discovery without a pay wall; our educational content is free to all. Every other month, SPLASH! covers four milk science topics for a total of 24 articles per year. These topics bridge different fields, such as human health and agricultural sciences, and especially those with an “omics” focus. SPLASH! now has a searchable archive of more than 365 articles read annually by more than 200,000 readers worldwide. SPLASH! is funded by IMGC Elite and Premier Sponsors, however, sponsors do not provide input in creating or editing any of the publication’s content. 

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