subject: glycosylation

The Many Faces of Lactoferrin

Fresh out of the womb, a newborn baby is challenged with armies of disease-causing microbes. How does he survive this onslaught? In some parts of the world, he doesn't. Millions of babies die each year in the first few months of life from common infections. A recent publication by Barboza and colleagues unfolds how a major milk protein, lactoferrin, displays different "faces", depending on which pathogens are present. Read More...

The Milky500: five hundred worthy proteins

The Milky500: five hundred worthy proteins

The Indy 500 is perhaps the most famous car race in the United States. Unlike every other sporting competition in the world, the legendary 500 mile car race is celebrated with the victor drinking not Champagne, but rather a bottle of fresh milk! The latest research suggests that the term "500" may have more to do with the milk, than with the miles. Read More...

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