The Annual IMGC Symposium is our flagship event that features scientific research related to milk genomics and human health done throughout the world. Held every year at a different location, the symposium facilitates communication between scientists, sponsors and others to accelerate the scientific process and identify commercial opportunities.

We organize the annual International Milk Genomics and Human Health Symposium to promote the advancement of milk genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics knowledge tools. The Symposium plays a supportive role for the Consortium to achieve its mission of bringing the international milk genomics community together with a shared vision for present and future milk science collaborations.

The target audience is Consortium sponsors, and industry/academic members, as well as all others active in the area of milk genomics.  The Symposium targets between 75 to 150 registrants to allow for personal interaction and manageable organization.

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The Awards Program

Student Travel Award

The Awards Program includes student travel awards and support for the IMGC workshop. Student travel awards are designed to encourage student participation in the symposium by offsetting the cost of travel and lodgings.

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MVP (Most Valuable Presentation) Award

Each year at the conclusion of Annual IMGC Symposium, we ask attendees which speaker they found to have given the most valuable presentation. We tally up the responses and honor the speaker who made the biggest impression with a travel award to present his/her talk at a future conference of their choice.

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